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Our extensive range of handbags  is both unique and inspired by popular designs from around the globe.

We aim to provide you with quality designs that make you feel special at affordable prices.

Our bags come in a comprehensive range of colours and sizes, manufactured to a high standard using PU leather.

What is PU  leather ?     Pu leather is a leather - like material that is soft in its appearence and feel, and is also durable. Unless you are told it is not leather you would assume it was. It's animal  friendly too!

To ensure our bags remain unique, styles are frequently updated to keep 'in' with the latest fashion trends.We recommend that you order without delay.

You can either order direct from our on line shop (allow up to 14 days delivery), or to see a more extensive selection check out 'THE HANDBAG GALLERY' (to check availability and delivery of the bag(s) required contact us:  Shipping cost quoted are for UK mainland and shipping to other countries may vary.                     

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Disclaimer: Bagladyz is a retailer of bags that strives to provide a wide and diverse range of products.   Some of the styles we have selected from our suppliers may have been inspired by or are comparable to designer trade marked names. We would like to make it clear that our suppliers are independent manufacturers and wholesalers who are not affiliated to, nor associated or sponsored by any of designer trademarked names.   If you require authentic, original, or genuine registered designer brand products, please purchase them from an authorized registered dealer.


Bags illustrated are not to scale so approximate dimensions are shown where available.