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Baglady  by  AleXessories a supplier in the latest 'look' in ladies fashion accessories. If you are interested in seeing more! Then go to 

Here at Baglagyz we are dedicated to supplying you with the latest ' must have ' styles  of ladies fashion bags and purses.

To ensure our bags remain unique, styles are frequently updated to keep 'in' with the latest fashion trends.  We recommend that you make your order without delay.


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Disclaimer: Bagladyz is a retailer of bags that strives to provide a wide and diverse range of products.   Some of the styles we have selected from our suppliers may have been inspired by or are comparable to designer trade marked names. We would like to make it clear that our suppliers are independent manufacturers and wholesalers who are not affiliated to, nor associated or sponsored by any of designer trademarked names.   If you require authentic, original, or genuine registered designer brand products, please purchase them from an authorized registered dealer.