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BAGLADYZ overview

AleXessories has launched  Bagladyz which is dedicated to supplying the latset trends in fashion handbags and purses.

Bagladyz  a popular  move for us and is the way forward in this ever expanding market (talking of markets the handbag industry is fast over taking  the perfume fashion houses in turnover). 

Due to demand  and customer feedback we have set up this online shop to make our product more available to you and show you a greater choice.

The buying team ( the bagladyzzz )

Our styles are selected by our buyers who have over 20 years in fashion buying experience and are dedicated to supplying you with the latest trends in fashion .

Our buyers have worked alongside some of the best accessories  buyers in the country working in the buying offices in the UK's leading fashion houses and high street stores , visiting manufacturers worldwide. 

Inspired by

Our products are inspired buy some of the top designers around the world and are made from PU leather which is not only practical but more affordable too.